Perfect Foods has made it our mission to support and inspire you to start your journey towards Health, Personal Growth, and Happiness.


We believe in drinking green and thinking green. We use solar power, compost, and we are pioneers of urban indoor farming. There's nothing greener than this, and we want to help drive the movement.

  • Local  (NYC since 1982)
  • Certified Organic
  • Grown with Solar Energy


"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"
- Hippocrates, Father of Modern Medicine

Your health starts with your food. Our philosophy is based on the "raw food diet", consisting of:

  • Raw vegetables (especially greens)  & Fruits
  • Sprouts (most important)
  • Fermented Foods (probiotics)
  • Fresh Juices

We (and science) strongly believe that your body has the ability to naturally heal itself given the proper food and environment.


Mental health is a BIG DEAL.  Abundant studies show how health and happiness are  related and intertwined.  We encourage those trying to improve their diet and physical health to also try to focus on personal growth.

Come up with your GREEN GOAL and share your happiness with world.

Join The Mission...

Want to get involved in an organization that's making happier, healthier New Yorkers one by one?

Volunteer to inspire New Yorkers on the streets to state their goals and be healthy, sponsored by The Green Shot!