Our Story

Perfect Foods is a small, family owned business that started growing wheatgrass and sprouts in Brooklyn in 1982 when not a blade of grass could be found in the city. The owner, Harley Matsil, works side by side with his wife Alyse to bring wheatgrass to New York. Harley is the pioneer of urban farming and a leading figure in New York City’s organic raw foods movement. He is a popular speaker for urban farming and health education. Perfect Foods brought wheatgrass to the East Coast and now supplies locally grown, organic and sustainable wheatgrass and sprouts to hundreds of juice bars in the Tri-State Area. The team won’t stop there! Harley, Alyse and the kids have plans to make wheatgrass mainstream through The Green Shot brand for a greener, happier and healthier New York.

Wheatgrass Family

Welcome to our Family!

We're a family business, so every family dinner is a business meeting. The best part is.... every business meeting is just a family dinner.

We're all incredibly different, and that's what makes us so strong. We are artists, scientists, musicians, teachers, fashionistas and therapists, but at the end of the day, we know how to grow some kick-ass wheatgrass.


Harley Matsil

Founder & President

"The Wheatgrass King"

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Harley was a Merchant Marine Officer on a Gulf Oil Supertanker before he became the pioneer of urban farming and the Wheatgrass King. Bet you weren't expecting that.  When Harley decided to start this business he used his incredibly warm heart and unique creativity to steer his wheatgrass empire to success. He was the first one to introduce wheatgrass to New York and single handedly educated New York City about wheatgrass and the Raw Food Diet. His charisma and warm heart has saved thousands of lives since he started his work 34 years ago! There isn't a day that goes by that Harley doesn't go out of his way to help a stranger. Without Harley's love, honesty, perseverance and spontaneity there probably wouldn't be wheatgrass on the East Coast today.

Fun Fact: Harley started the business with his best friend from junior high school, Jack Mevorah.

#MyGreenGoal  is to be good and to be happy. (Oh, and to have fun.)


Rebecca Matsil

Marketing Manager

"The Therapist"

She's the creator of The Green Shot Challenge and has made it her personal mission to understand human happiness and make a happier world. She was given the medium of wheatgrass to do so. Graduated from SUNY Albany with Psychology, Business and Art she likes to keep things interesting.

Fun Fact: She likes to paint.

#MyGreenGoal  is to meditate every morning and drink more water!


Alyse Matsil

Vice President

"The Wheatgrass Queen"

Alyse graduated with a degree in English as a Second Language from Columbia University Teacher's College. She never imagined she'd be the Wheatgrass Queen one day. Life is full of surprises! Without her loving heart, caring nature and her organizing systems we would fall apart. Alyse deals with all administrative details from bookkeeping to trademarking and organic certification.

Fun Fact: She met Harley in June of 1982, the same month that he had the idea for the business.

#MyGreenGoal is to take a 20 minute walk every morning to have time for me!


Rachel Matsil

Sales & Social Media 

"The Creativity"

Rachel graduated from FIT with a major in Window Display Design and a bachelors from SUNY Delhi in Hospitality. She is the mastermind behind our window displays, making sure New York knows they are getting the most fashionable wheatgrass on the market.

Fun Fact: She loves cats and has two.

#MyGreenGoal is to go to zumba every week!


Aaron Matsil

General Manger

"The Brain"

Aaron is in charge of production and distribution.

His title is "General Manager," but he does just about everything from engineering new planting equipment, repairing cars, graphic arts and, of course, growing wheatgrass. He graduated as a Biomedical Engineer from R.P.I. and uses his knowledge in biology and molecular biology to understand the benefits of wheatgrass and the complexity of what we do. When Aaron was young he said "Mommy, I have 5 brains", and we use every single one of them! Aaron is the one that makes the tough decisions and gets things done efficiently and effectively.

Fun Fact: His passion is jamming on electronic keyboard.

#MyGreenGoal is to go to the gym more often.